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Natural marmalades

Lemon, orange and mandarin

We prepare our jams only with citrus and sugar. We use strictly cultivated fruit without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Enjoy them alone, on bread, or try surprising combinations, such as with fresh or semi-aged cheeses.


Taste our natural jams. We do not use any type of preservative, dye, concealer or thickener, because we want you to feel all the scent and aroma of the magnificent fruits of the Sorrento Peninsula.
Only fruit and sugar. The fruit is that produced by the Solagri members, without the use of pesticides and without chemical residues. We follow an "artisanal" production method: the fruit is washed with running water and dried in a natural way. The peeling is done by hand, the fruit is cut into pieces and the seeds are removed. Then it is cooked for about an hour with the only addition of sugar.

Tips for tasting

Obviously the jams can be enjoyed plain, spreading them on bread or rusks.
But give free rein to your culinary imagination and try them together with a seasoned cheese or ricotta.
Lemon jam: ricotta, Burrata, fresh robiole, Mascarpone; mandarin marmalade: fresh cheeses such as Robiola di Mondovì; orange marmalade: fresh soft cheeses such as Ricotta, Camembert, Mascarpone or with Gorgonzola;